6 Beer Picks from Local Experts

local brewers choose their favorite beers

V1 Staff

We all have our go-to beer. Whether it’s the specialty four-pack you are always on the lookout for or the 30-case that’s your go-to on grocery runs, it’s good to know what you like. With the explosion in specialty craft brewing regionally and around the country, there are plenty of options when it comes to your favorite brew – almost every style you can imagine is made somwhere right here in Wisconsin.

We asked a few local brewers to talk to us about their favorite beers, both the ones they make themselves and those crafted by others. Here’s what they told us:

Jerry Bechard | Owner, Northwoods Brewing Co.

Favorite Northwoods Brew - Rowdy Rye
WHAT JERRY SAYS: It's balance of rye and barley malts lends to its earthy flavors. The IPA-style hops are perfectly matched with the raw flavor of malted rye. It has a bold flavor and a smooth finish.

Favorite Regional Brew - Angry Minnow Sessions Beer
WHAT JERRY SAYS: It is true to a Sessions style of beer that we don’t brew. It has the proper balance of sour notes, but isn’t overpowering.

Theresa & Leos Frank - Owners, Lazy Monk Brewing

Favorite Lazy Monk Brew - Bohemian Pilsner
WHAT THERESA SAYS: Our Bohemian Pilsner is brewed with grains and hops sourced directly from the Czech Republic, giving our customers the real authentic taste of a true Czech Pilsner.

Favorite Regional Brew - Black Husky Sproos IPA
WHAT LEOS SAYS: A very interesting beer comes from Black Husky Brewing in Pembine, Wis., called Sproose IPA made with spruce tips.

Eric Rykal - Head Brewer, Lucette Brewing Co.

Favorite Lucette Brew - Double Dawn
WHAT ERIC SAYS: I love how the beer changes as it ages. Over time the malt and yeast character really comes out.

Favorite Regional Brew - Rush River IPAs
WHAT ERIC SAYS: A lot of IPAs out there have a big, resounding hop character, but this one has a really bright hop which you don’t see in this region too often.

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