Circle of Survival

touring musician publishes journal of life on the road

Steve Freuhauf

Phil Circle
Phil Circle rides the waves.

After years of touring across the country, Eau Claire singer-songwriter Phil Circle has decided to release his first book. Titled The Outback Musicians’ Survival Guide – Stories, Anecdotes & Philosophizing on a Life of Music, the journal-like publication details Circle’s experiences on the road.

Ever since he finished traveling, Circle said he began writing articles for magazines and online publications chronicling his experiences. Along with that, he said mentoring young adults for the past two decades gave him time to reflect and helped shape the journal.

The self-published survival guide takes an honest look at some of the most humorous and serious situations Circle has faced since entering the music business. Partially meant to aid aspiring musicians, the journal contains a variety of stories ranging from late-night after parties to a 9-year-old Circle writing some of his first original lyrics.

Circle said the 150-page work only took two months to complete since he had already put a number of his memories on paper. It just took time remembering all the details and editing the book with the help of his wife, Megan.

Originally from Chicago, the Windy City native released the journal there first on April 12 and then in Eau Claire on May 15 at Pizza Plus. Circle will also be reading from the book at 7pm on June 27 at the Volume One Gallery, 205 N. Dewey St.

Those interested in purchasing a copy of Circle’s survival guide can do so at The Local Store, 205 N. Dewey St., or at (where a PDF version is available).

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