Dave Powered

longtime local drummer hammers out his first solo

Thom Fountain

Dave Power is usually a busy guy. The recognizable mustachioed drummer (known these days for Adelyn Rose, PUNCHER, and Meridene, among others) constantly has his hands in projects of all shapes and sizes, holding down the kit for everything from hardcore to jazz. Now, Power is adding a little me-time to his schedule. White Dune is a new electronic music project that is all his. The songs are dark, jumping between live and sampled drums over heavy synths. Power said White Dune started (and continues to be) a side project that allows him to experiment with programs and production styles he hasn’t had a chance to try before. Peppered in amongst the synths, Power utilizes movie quotes (his affinity for the ’80s shows a bit, with selections from Blade Runner and Home Alone) to add an extra dimension to the tracks. Though it’s a solo project, Power is not without his help. Fellow Adelyn Rose members Addie Strei, Jaime Hansen, and Hannah Hebl have all contributed vocals and instrumentation, as did Caleb Price (Whale House). Power is also looking forward to an upcoming collaboration with Eau Claire producer Sloslylove. Don’t bank on seeing White Dune live anytime soon, but with a project this experimental, Power says there’s always a possibility. You can check out a few tracks now at WhiteDune.bandcamp.com, and stay tuned for an upcoming full-length in the next few weeks.

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