Note from the Editor | May 1, 2014

Nick Meyer

It’s an optimistic time of year. The rivers flow strong with the sheddings of winter. Short bursts of warmth, though still too few and far between, remind us of what’s to come. And trails throughout the community have begun to come alive with runners, walkers, and bikers. This time of year it also seems to me that ideas, both old and new, take on a renewed energy. At the dawn of spring, they have more traction. More acceptance. In my experience it’s through those colder months where ideas tend to lay low, waiting for better days. Well, it’s May. Better days. Let’s all roll out some new ideas for ourselves, our businesses, our neighborhoods, and our community. Use the energy of spring and the coming summer to your advantage. I know I hope to. And if your idea is something other people may be interested in, don’t forget to drop us a note about it. We’d love to help you share it.

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