Note from the Editor | April 3, 2014

Nick Meyer

Watching election results in the Volume One Gallery.
Watching election results in the
Volume One Gallery.

Whew. Glad that’s over. You don’t see a lot of local elections like that one. Thankfully. Obviously we at Volume One were pretty fired up about it all, and of course we’re now thrilled with the outcome. While it’s still not a done deal, the community has officially made its voice heard in favor of the Confluence Project – and now the collaborative partnership can continue to work towards making the project a reality. While I can’t promise Volume One won’t get as passionate in the future about a particular local election, I can promise you the type of activism we brought to the Confluence Project is not a new modus operandi for us – we won’t be getting in the ring on such a hotly contested local issue again anytime soon. That being said, it did feel good to be so involved. We got to work alongside some great people to create the Voices for Growth Pro-Confluence campaign, producing the website, literature, radio ads, TV commercials, print ads, social media and more – all right out of our office. And we got to volunteer with dozens of others all throughout the community on foot and at doors. Despite the fact it took up so much time and so many resources, in a way I’m glad the community got a chance to go through a huge debate like this – that we had a chance to pull together and prove to each other what we’re made of, and that we can make some bold, exciting things happen in this town. So what happens next? Great question. Find out here as we all start down this rabbit hole together.