Fantastical Follow-Up

Luke Hoppe

In 2010 local author Travis Ludvigson released Yaré Darkness Bound, the first book in a three-part fantasy series, The Nephilim Chronicles. Now Ludvigson has unleashed the second book, Iron Song. This story features epic battles, demonic monsters, and a fast-paced, action-adventure plotline. While Yaré Darkness Bound takes place during modern times, Iron Song shifts gears and is set in Europe during the early Middle Ages, boasting a wide array of mythological characters. Iron Song is influenced by Ludvigson’s experiences while serving abroad in the intelligence branch of the Air Force. “I would definitely say my experiences were inspiration for the book,” he says. “Instead of writing standard scenes, I choreographed every one of them to make sure they were believable – I really wanted to incorporate what I’ve learned over the years.”

Books are available on and at The Local Store.

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