Yuletide Yuks

Honeytree gang has stories and songs for the season

Lindsey Quinnies

A collection of Christmas hams.
A collection of Christmas hams.

About 10 years ago, sparked mostly by Suzie Kendziera’s childhood love of Christmas rolled over to adulthood, she and her husband, Matt, began performing Christmas shows that included a musical element highlighting renditions of Christmas classics and hilarious holiday stories from their time growing up in Wisconsin. This holiday season, they’ve decided to raise the bar and make a few changes to “Christmas Makes Me Crazy.” The show will feature their band Honeytree (the Kendzieras plus Kat Sherman, Ryan Sherman, Keri White, and Chad White) and also serve as a fundraiser for another of the couple’s passions, B-Side Community. Matt shares a little more about B-Side’s message: “B-Side is a unique church community that we began along with Kat and Ryan Sherman about four years ago in downtown Eau Claire. … We started B-Side as a space for young and old, rich and poor of any ethnic or socio-economic background to come together for ‘church.’ ” B-Side members meet in refurbished garage on the corner of Farwell and Madison streets at 4pm on Sundays and offer other community services year-round such as block parties and back-to-school events as well as laundry, showers, and transitional housing for those in need. Considering the success of last year’s Christmas show – which sold out – the “Christmas Makes Me Crazy” B-Side Benefit Concert will take place in a new location (Peace Church) and offer two performances, Dec. 6 and 7. Matt and Suzie say to expect great music, lots of fun, storytelling, and beautiful, reflective moments. Since it is very important that the event is accessible to everyone, if you simply can’t find the money in your budget, call ahead and for the possibility of getting a complimentary ticket! All proceeds go directly to B-Side.

“Christmas Makes Me Crazy” concert and fundraiser for B-Side Community • Friday and Saturday, Dec. 6-7, 7pm • Peace Church, 501 E. Fillmore Ave. • $10 per ticket or $30 for a family • (715) 830-9495 • info@bsidecommunity • www.bsidecommunity.com

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