Chigliak Label Releases Record Number Two

Thom Fountain

Last year after years of Eau Clairians reminiscing on days past, we finally got more Amateur Love. Well, not new Amateur Love, but at least reissued. The local indie-pop band that begat Megafaun and Laarks would’ve topped the charts (if Eau Claire had charts), but split when half its members moved to North Carolina. So Justin Vernon, in a position of power after his rise as Bon Iver, re-released Amateur Love’s seminal record It’s All Aquatic on a new imprint label dubbed Chigliak Records. The label was started to focus on “releasing extraordinary albums that were never commercially released” and they’ll continue that tradition with their newest announcement, Sarah Siskind’s Covered. Siskind is a well-known country and Americana singer and songwriter, but Covered was one of her earliest records that fell through the cracks and only had a limited, independent release. The album was released July 16 on vinyl and digital and is available at Revival Records locally.

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