Supporting the Strings

Thom Fountain

A few UW-Eau Claire music students are going to one heck of a helping hand from a new scholarship at the university. The Eileen Phillips Cohen String Scholarship will grant a full ride to four UW-Eau Claire string players each year, as well as establish the appropriately named Eileen Phillips Cohen String Quartet, which the four awardees will play in. On top of the tuition help, the students will get the opportunity to gain professional experience in the newly formed quartet. The first winner of the scholarship is Kaitlyn Witherspoon (pictured), a sophomore music major. Vanissa Murphy, the chair of the music department said the scholarship will help immensely with recruitment, particularly because the award is heavily based on musical talent. For any interested in applying, applications are accepted until March 14, 2014, and you can find more info at

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