Running with the Dogs

Beaver Creek Reserve offers a taste of dog sledding

Bailey Berg

Outdoor enthusiasts, dog-lovers, or anyone who just really wants to reenact scenes from “Iron Will” can add dog sledding to their winter bucket list thanks to a new program through Beaver Creek Reserve. Participants can get their mush on with this unique, interactive tour at the Reserve’s satellite property, the Henke Farm, with professional dogsledder Howard Thompson. Thompson is bringing in his team of dogs and a three-person sled, which he will drive, leaving two spots for you to settle in and get cozy to take in the snowy scenery as the dogs effortlessly pull your wooden sled across the farm. No word yet on whether or not you’ll get to yell “mush” but either way you can feel a little better-connected to the Yukon and have a dang good story to recount. (We won’t blow your cover if you want to say this was at the Iditarod instead of Beaver Creek.) While you wait for your turn, bask in the warmth of a fire while sipping on a piping cup of hot chocolate or soup, or take a long hike on snowshoes along one of the beautiful trails.

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