Year Five for Farm City Day

Elk Mound's festival celebrating farming community

V1 Staff

This excited cow just can’t wait.
This excited cow just can’t wait.

The fifth annual Farm City Day in the Chippewa Valley is just around the corner. The festival gives local residents a chance to interact with and create communication between themselves and the agricultural residents of the farming community. The organizers of Farm City Day say, “With so many people so far removed from the farm these days, and with agriculture being such an important part of our everyday lives, we are inviting the community to come ‘back to the farm.’” Their first specific goal is to “facilitate an ongoing cooperation, understanding and dialogue between the city (non agricultural) residents of Chippewa Valley, and the farm industry.” They also want to provide education to the community on where their food comes from, how it is produced, and “how agriculture has evolved and progressed over the last 50 years.” In order to showcase the variety of farms in the Chippewa Valley, the location changes every year, although it is always an “interactive event on a working farm.” Locations have ranged from grain farms to sheep and strawberry farms; this year, however, it will take place at Sandy Acres Dairy Farm in Elk Mound, WI – home to Jeff and Marie Pagenkopf, their daughter Kayla, and her husband John. Students from Chippewa Valley Technical College will be participating by guiding tour groups and presenting educational displays. There will also be food available, a petting zoo, and demonstrations of simple farm activities such as milking a cow. For directions to Sandy Acres Dairy as well as for more information about Chippewa Valley Farm City Day, you can visit 

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