Confluence Project: Bites & Buzz

staying on top of the latest details of EC’s largest development ever

Thom Fountain

A plan as expansive as The Confluence Project isn’t over after the press conference. This will be a point of conversation for several months as the details finalize and eventually ground is broken.

For those of you who might have been under a rock the last couple weeks (it’s OK, it was a pretty busy month), here’s what you missed: Private developers (including Commonweal and Market & Johnson) partnered with UW-Eau Claire to announce an $88-million project to be built on the Haymarket site in downtown Eau Claire. The project includes a $55-million arts center and a $33-million mixed use building, which would include retail and student housing. The developers are also hoping that the city will improve the infrastructure around the new buildings, with some estimates landing around $9 million.

A lot has come up since that initial announcement, including the name itself – The Confluence Project – so we’re going to try and recap the last couple weeks of action, excitement and concern right here. And of course, stay tuned to V1 going forward.

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