Local Supplier of Quality Kubb Sets Opens for Biz

Kubb Farm, a new local business, owned and operated by Aaron Ellringer, has got you covered for all your Kubb equipment needs. The strategic Nordic lawn game has swept the Chippewa Valley in recent years. But, that said, a kinda big problem for Chippewa Valley Kubb-ers is that quality sets are incredibly difficult to find. So Ellringer decided to put an end to the Kubb-set-finding-crisis by making and distributing Kubb sets himself. Ranging from $80-$90, the high-quality sets from Kubb Farm are available at The Local Store, direct pick-up at Kubb Farm, or Ellringer is willing to deliver anywhere in the Chippewa Valley. Reach Kubb Farms at kubb@ellringer.info or 864-2162.

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