The Doctor Is In

local comic books take us to magical land of Altoonia

Lindsey Quinnies

Paul Hemphill’s comics are the epitome of a seamless combination of fun, entertaining illustrations, and quirky, intriguing anecdotes.

The stories feature the peculiar existence of main creature Mr. Dr. Sir, originally a nickname for the author that the character is based off of, and his real-life inspired sidekicks FunGuy and Theodore. There also are appearances from interesting dudes like H-Bomb, Super Paul, Norman, and Orson Wellson.

The gang finds themselves on weird pseudo-psychedelic escapades in their vibrant Alice in Wonderland-y, Dr. Seuss-esque world of Altoonia. A land filled with mushroom houses, candy canes grown with Dr. Pepper, and superhero battles.

The author’s original intentions were not to create a comic book at all; it started out as personal, just-for-fun doodles of Mr. Dr. Sir and Norman. Realizing the practical complications of creating a comic book and having no admitted prior skills to comic book drawing, Paul at first put the idea of creating a real comic book on the back burner. However, after producing the first two pages of the first issue last February, he decided it was on.

He saw the comic as not only a way to occupy his time but also as “a way for me to draw more diverse things, and be able to voice my opinions on whatever I wanted,” Paul says.

With issues 1 through 5 available at The Local Store, Truckers Union, Tangled Up In Hue, Buddha’s, or through mailings – and No. 6 arriving in mid-March – Paul thinks the issues only become more enhanced beyond that. With more than 50 “likes” for Mr. Dr. Sir’s Facebook page and a solid fan base, Paul has pretty much got it down.

Pick up the first issue and get pulled into the magically enchanted wonderful world of Altoonia.

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