The Hatch

eclectic bazaar-like shop opens in Menominie

Emily Gresbrink, photos by Leah Dunbar

Adam Arel at The Hatch in
Adam Arel at The Hatch in Menomonie
Lucky for Chippewa Valley residents, The Hatch … well … hatched. And now there’s a reason to get global while still supporting local. The shop, operated by Adam Arel and his wife Alysia, opened in downtown Menomonie a few months ago. Arel said opening the business was something the two planned on doing for years (after selling products at festivals and art fairs, as well as a kiosk in Oakwood Mall), but it wasn’t until now that they found the right space. “I basically found a reasonable place and we are trying it out,” he said. The shop, located at 332 Main St. in Menomonie, is a family-oriented shop that offers a variety of eclectic products to suit your fashion, home décor, and gift-giving needs. Think of it as a hybrid of Oakwood Mall’s Katmandu and downtown Eau Claire’s Tangled Up in Hue. Arel said that, overall, The Hatch is an import clothing store, but sells other goods, as well. “We hand-make earrings and will start making hemp products eventually,” he said. Arel has been hearing back generally positive reviews of the store and may expand in the future. “It depends,” he said, “there’s already a bunch of stores in Eau Claire, so I’d rather try starting it here (in Menomonie).” From custom Christmastime ornaments in December to glass-blown pendants and imports from India, walking into the store is like stepping into a bazaar. You can look to one wall and see beautiful dip-dyed skirts and turn to another angle and see some toasty hats. Arel said some of the more popular items include the Baja pullovers, tapestries, sundresses, earrings, and gauges. The Hatch is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

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