Former Eau Clarian's Hilarious Collection of Short Stories

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by Betty Nikia

Ken Brosky, 2004 UW-Eau Claire alum, has recently released a book called The Unauthorized Biography of Michele Bachmann and Other Stories. Ten short stories and one essay explore the theme of survival, including a story about the Apocalypse, in which two employees are trapped in a coffee shop and stay open to make espresso for “Famine,” one of the four horsemen. All of the pieces except the title story have been published in magazines such as Cream City Review, Gargoyle, and Barcelona Review. Brosky provides conversational synopses of the stories in a preview sample on Amazon, which lists Kindle and paperback editions. Brosky has also created an accompanying blog documenting his adventures in the publicizing and review process for this book which will be of interest to writers: kenbrosky.wordpress.com. If you need convincing, he has 25 reasons to buy his book. #19 – No vampires in any of the stories.

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