Chip Magnet

new contender in the local salsa scene

Chick magnet: a person especially adept at attracting women to themselves by use of charm, wit, and good looks. Chip magnet: a substance made with the sole purpose of pairing magnificence with a chip in order for them both to end up intertwining in delectable harmony. It’s also the name of a new salsa (and jam, jelly, relish) company founded by Alexis Lucas. 

Helping with the canning process in her grandmother’s kitchen since she was a little girl, Alexis was a cooking enthusiast from an early age. In fact, the original recipe from Chip Magnet Salsa is inspired from her grandmother’s own salsa recipe. 

The quirky names of her salsa creations (Garlicious, Razz-a-Peno, and ApricHot) match the unique tastes that make up her products. For example, Razz-a-Peno is a raspberry jam with hot peppers for an added zing. She prides her business on being both organic and GMO-free. 

Although Alexis creates from her home kitchen (not certified organic), she has good reason to continue her business uncertified. While she has a sincere concern regarding the use of organic ingredients in order to make the most natural salsa, she is also striving to be a proponent for local. She buys almost all of her ingredients from the farmers market here in Eau Claire. Unfortunately again, not all farmers market vendors are certified organic, so for Alexis it is a struggle between buying certified organic and buying local. 

In the works is a kitchen/business storefront that is in the process of being remodeled. This project will hopefully be done in the spring of 2012, allowing us all to stuff our faces with delicious, good-for-you salsa all the time. For now, you can stock up at the winter farmers markets every second Saturday at the L.E. Phillips Senior Center or order online at

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