Coy Finishes 3rd Installment in "4 for 4" Sports Series

by Chris Macheichok

Eau Claire native John Coy has already delighted young adult readers with four sports novels on baseball, basketball, football, and soccer (plus five picture books!). Well, if you can believe it, he now has another book hitting stores right now. Love of the Game is football oriented book and appropriately based in middle school to give young readers characters to identify with and stay interested in reading. The short novel is the third of his “4 for 4 series” – centered on a group of kids moving from elementary to middle school. However, it isn’t necessary to have read the previous two books to enjoy this one, since the plot is loosely connected. It tackles themes of life, school, and sports during this time in young kids’ lives – and at a length that isn’t too overwhelming for young sports enthusiasts to handle. Find more info at, and copis of his books at The Local Store.