A Rare Interview with Mrs. Claus

Emily Gresbrink, photos by ContributedPhoto

We all know that the guy in the red suit is the one who delivers the goods to the underside of our trees on Christmas. And every holiday season he gets all the press. Well who would he be without that charming lady on his right arm helping out? And, an even better question, why haven’t we gotten to know her more? Amidst the cookie-baking and elfish toy-making madness, I called Pleasant Valley Tree Farm, where real-life married couple Roger and Rita Lemler (of Colfax) play the Clauses every year, to find out the scoop on the missus.

I like to give the naughty kids another chance. If I see someone who is really trying hard to be nice, I’ll nudge Santa and say, ‘We can switch him over to the nice list.’ ”

V1: What is it like to be Mrs. Claus on a day when your husband is preparing for his night-long adventure around the world?

Mrs. Claus: It’s hectic, because as he’s getting ready and I’m trying to get things ready for him, too, so things are in order. It’s everything from getting his suit looking perfect to making sure the lists are with the elves. Then I have to make sure that he’s in the proper and happy mood – he needs to be jolly. I just make sure he has his hot cocoa and cookies so he is ready to go deliver presents!

V1: How do you and Santa stay in touch over the Christmas Eve hours?

MC: It’s changed over the years, so now we have cell phones – we can text! It’s definitely more interesting. Before it wasn’t easy to stay in touch besides following Rudolph’s red nose, but now it’s easier and much more high-tech. 

V1: What is your main role when it’s not Christmastime? What do you do?

MC: I work with developing new cookies, making sure things are going well between the elves and that there is no drama between them. I do come up with different ideas for presents and also come up with new Christmas songs every year to get the spirit flowing. Basically, I just make sure everyone is in a good, giving mood. 

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