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North Passage started as just an idea about two summers ago. They spent the summer of 2010 working on a script that combined their various interests and talents and ended up with a film that explores “what-if” scenarios of a post-economic crash. During the fall and winter of 2010, they produced a series of photo portraits and character studies to help visualize their ideas. Searching for funding, the team decided that it would be helpful to have a proof of concept. So this summer the team put together a trailer. Working with absolutely no budget, the creative team themselves can be labeled pioneers. With what little equipment they could pull together and one volunteer actress, the trailer was born. 

Now the team is ready to forge forward to the next portion of the project. They just finished filming another trailer as a part of a series of short character introductions. However, funding is a setback. They have launched an international crowd-funding campaign through IndieGoGo.com in an effort to raise money for props, sets, equipment, and insurance, but they’re still hoping for more.

They’re also looking for volunteers to help crew the film, so if you’re ready to let your inner actor burst forth, this could be your chance. They are also searching for people interested in helping with set building, wardrobe, and camera work. 

As of now, the estimated release date for North Passage is the fall/winter of 2012. “I think it will be a pretty powerful film that uses current events as a way to explore timeless narrative questions,” said Kevin. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting this creative endeavor, join their mailing list and/or follow them on Facebook for updates.