The Dwarf’s Treasure

local author debuts fantasy adventure for kids

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by Sarah Dobs

You can’t exactly call a 36-page children’s book “epic,” but that’s exactly what local author Debra Manzella has created with The Dwarf’s Treasure. Released in mid-October through Publish America, The Dwarf’s Treasure involves six fantasy characters that race against time and fight an evil ogre to save the planet. Characters Xander (a dwarf) and Chrystal (a wtich) discover that they must break a spell put upon the daughters of Mother Earth and Father Time. The daughters are the gems Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond and Emerald, each with a magical power that will prove crucial in their quest. They’re kind of like Captain Planet ringbearers, with powers over fire, water, flora and fauna, and time and space. Manzella says her inspiration for the story comes from her interest in saving the environment and love of jewels. “My message is to care for the Earth and work together to accomplish it. I hope young girls will adopt the sisters as superheroes.” You can expect to see more books from Manzella in the years to come, as she hopes to give each of the sister gems their own origin story where they discover the significance of their powers, and how it shapes them as women. While plans are in the works to have readings at schools and libraries, for now The Dwarf’s Treasure is available on Amazon and The Local Store.

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