City wants to know if you are happy

new survey from City of Eau Claire rates area's emotional state

Tracy Chipman

Ah happiness. Sometimes we got it, sometimes we don’t … and we all mightily strive for it. Right here in the Valley a group of forward-thinking folks with The Eau Claire Happiness Initiative believe that engaging in a county-wide dialog about well-being and happiness will go a long way towards making the community a happier place … and it all starts with a little national online happiness survey. The Happiness Initiative is a national project with a mission to work for a just, healthy, and resilient society where all people have the opportunity to pursue happiness. The Initiative offers tools and resources to communities and individuals seeking to enhance their well-being beginning with a simple survey. The purpose of the survey is to study how happiness and well-being are influenced by the conditions of our lives and communities. Scientific assessment of personal happiness is a relatively new development, but this science has now become quite reliable worldwide with findings consistent over time. The Eau Claire Happiness Initiative includes the City and County of Eau Claire, university, Chippewa Valley Technical College, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce, and other community organizations. The survey is online right now at through the end of the year. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Down the road the results will be presented to the local Initiative and, according to an encouraged John Stoneberg, a co-chair of the project and library director, the results will help local government officials and policymakers with future planning and decision-making. Who wouldn’t want a little more happiness in their life? Take the survey and bring it on!

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