Longsuffering for Daredevil

popular area folksters drop a new EP

Scott Morfitt

The Daredevil Christopher types.
The Daredevil Christopher types.

When you’re Scandinavian and a guest in someone’s home, you have to bring a gift. There is no exception to this rule whatsoever – it’s called the lefse initiative and is binding. Well the celebrated folk-pop band from Amery, Daredevil Christopher Wright, are kindly observing said rule. For their trip across our neighbor to the north, they are bringing their music with their release of a self-released album called The Longsuffering Song EP.

While one would expect the title of an EP to also be a song on the recording, that is not the case here. Lead singer Jon Sunde explained the title saying, “It speaks a lot to the joy and struggle of the creative process. When you finally get to live in the dream you have had of doing music full time, you realize that there are struggles that come with it you hadn’t anticipated.”

The central struggle of the five-track album is especially apparent in the song Darkness with its opening lyrics, “Darkness, darkness is there anything you would like to confess to ease your easing conscience?”

And this is part of the appeal of DCW. They poke at the darker elements of life with a stick in order to truly unpack what they believe. While they do this they still melodically attain a joyful sound, showcased here in the song, Love With All Your Heart. In doing this they dodge the slippery slope into Emo or Prog, which a lot of artists exploring deep issues fall headfirst down.

If you can’t catch them on a stop through the Great White North, find their new music at Bandcamp online or The Local Store. A digital download of the album is $5, while a 10-inch vinyl is $10. The album comes out Oct. 18, and around the same time The Local Store will be carrying the new vinyl version of their LP, In Deference to a Broken Back.

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