Parkside Pie & Ice Cream

a sweet new addition to Phoenix Park eateries

Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

You scream, I scream, the moose screams for ice cream? Or so it seems. The owners of the Smiling Moose Deli in Eau Claire have opened up an adjacent shop: Parkside Pie and Ice Cream. Resting next to Phoenix Park (hence the name), the charming eatery brings even more character to the riverfront with brightly colored décor, an open but cozy feel, and surprisingly cushiony chairs. Parkside lives up to its name in location, but slightly surpasses in treat selection. Featuring ice cream from the local Tim’s Dairy, you can take a scoop or create your own sundae with a plethora of toppings. Or take your ice cream with a side of pie (that’s right, a la mode). Parkside has an assortment of pies and even bars up for grabs. These aren’t just your every day brownie or boxed-up Burger King pies – we’re talking the likes of Apple Blueberry Pie and Raspberry Cobbler Bars. Being an advocate of both parks and ice cream, I definitely approve of the location and the menu, but Parkside Pie and Ice Cream just recently opened, and there are changes coming. The moose and I agree: there’s a lot of hope in this park-side treat.

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