The New Megafaun

former locals’ new album may be their big break

Ken Szymanski

THREE PEAS IN A HAIRY POD. Native Eau Clairians Brad Cook, Joe Westerlund, and Phil Cook comprise Megafaun.
THREE PEAS IN A HAIRY POD. Native Eau Clairians Phil Cook, Brad Cook, and Joe Westerlund comprise Megafaun.

It’s about to happen. Nationally, Megafaun is on the verge of a breakthrough, gaining a rising tide of critical respect for their musical chops, improvisation, and ever-evolving sound.

Here in their native Chippewa Valley, though, members Brad Cook, Phil Cook, and Joe Westerlund are also known for their previous incarnations in local bar bands: DeYarmond Edison, Amateur Love, and Mount Vernon.

Since they moved to North Carolina in 2005 and eventually formed Megafaun, accolades rose steadily in music circles, yet the band remained a relatively well-kept secret. This band and these sounds, however, cannot be contained. NPR, Spin, and Rolling Stone have all run online features in anticipation of the upcoming self-titled CD, due out Sept. 20.

With each new Megafaun release, critics have turned their thesauruses inside-out trying to put the eclectic sound into words. Online descriptions include sprawling, rousing, earthy, atmospheric, cacophonous free-jazz; ramshackle folk-rock; psychedelic Americana; and off-kilter freak-folk. That sorta’ captures it.

With all the buzz, the only disappointment is their current tour stretch that goes from Chicago to Madison to Minneapolis – without an Eau Claire show. Ouch.

No Eau Claire Bon Iver show on this tour (yet)? No Eau Claire Megafaun show (yet)? Perhaps they’re brewing something big together. Maybe a multi-night homecoming extravaganza around the holidays? Could this include re-opening The Metro for a bearded Mount Vernon reunion? Re-opening the Stones Throw stage for a DeYarmond Edison/Amateur Love double-bill? Then a Megafaun/Bon Iver rooftop concert on top of the Civic Center parking ramp … under a meteor shower … with both bands combining for an all-star jam encore with special guests Neil Young and an un-dead Jerry Garcia? And fireworks. Not trying to start rumors … just throwing out ideas.

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