Yazmín On Keys

singer/songwriter to tickle ivories at Acoustic Café

Tracy Chipman

Yazmín requires but one name.
Yazmín requires but one name.

I’ve got a buck in my pocket that says you probably can’t guess what these world-class musicians have in common: Willy Porter, Robin Zander, Justin Vernon, and Liberace? If you guessed that they’re all from the sublime state of Wisconsin, you’re $1 richer. Here’s another name to add to that list: Yazmín. She’s an emerging singer/pianist/songwriter (for starters) from northern Wisconsin and in my opinion has more talent in her ear lobe than the rest of us have in our entire bodies … put together. A little more about her. She won last year’s Lake Superior Big Top Chautaqua’s Songwriter Competition, comes from a musical family, and her music comes straight from the heart and wax on topics that are relevant and speak to our shared experience of being human. This summer she’s on a whirlwind tour promoting her new recording, Solo. This five-song EP is a surprise package of musical influences (Cuban and Celtic among them). When I caught up with Yazmín and asked what she wanted people to experience, she replied, “My biggest hope is that people who listen to my music will enjoy that magic sense of connection with another human being. They may not know me or the details of my life stories at all, but if my music brings them some form of joy and if they walk away saying, ‘I know that story, it’s happened to me,’ then I’ve done my job.” Make way for another über-talented Sconnie-born musician. 


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