The Business of Boudoir

Eau Claire studio captures the local sensuality on film

Maggie McCracken, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Photographer Molly Marie Keyser makes the bedroom her business. Seriously – this bedroom is in her studio.
Photographer Molly Marie Keyser makes
the bedroom her business. Seriously – this
bedroom is in her studio.

Wedding décor giant The Knot defines boudoir photography as “a sexy new trend that’s especially popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom ... usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all.” While Molly Marie Keyser of Molly Marie Photography doesn’t photograph complete nudity, her sexy boudoir photography has certainly turned a few heads in Eau Claire.

With a studio located in the family-friendly Eastside Hill neighborhood of Eau Claire, Keyser’s boudoir studio has left a few questions in residents’ minds: Is it inappropriate? Racy? Overly suggestive? What is boudoir photography?

As The Knot describes, boudoir photography is usually given as a sexy gift from a woman to her significant other. Brides are especially excited about the new trend, as it creates a wonderful opportunity for a sexy and creative wedding gift. Still, other women give boudoir photos as anniversary gifts, Valentine’s presents, birthday gifts, or every-day “I Love You’s.” Still more women do the photoshoot as a gift to themselves, to celebrate their own self-confidence, or in order to have a memento many years down the road of how they looked while they were young. Each woman is interested in boudoir for a slightly different reason, and wants a slightly different look in her photos. 

Molly Keyser says, “I have had quite a few girls come in just to do the shoot for themselves. It’s really more then just a photoshoot. It really is an experience. When the client first books I send out a questionnaire so they are able to tailor their shoot and I am able to learn more about them.”

While boudoir photos can be as conservative or provocative as the client wishes, they are always done in a tasteful manner. This is what makes boudoir, photos to celebrate romantic love and self-love, different from pornography. 

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