Creamery searches for new stewardship

landmark Downsville eatery/inn on the hunt for new owner

Tracy Chipman, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Creamery, in Downsville, was a noted and worthy landmark for decades. Dining or resting there, well it was one of those experiences you saved up for, a date you marked on your calendar. It was Midwest dining and architectural charm at its finest. In 1985 brothers John and David Thomas opened it after restoring the building from its industrial past into a restaurant and inn. In 2007 it changed hands and served the region until closing last year, causing more than a few sad faces. Well lift those droopy mouths because there’s news afoot. In April, the opportunity to acquire The Creamery presented itself to the brothers and an old school friend, Donald Cline. Along with their wives they formed Vista Verde LLC, whose sole purpose is to give The Creamery another chance. Now they’re looking to work with an outside operator to breathe new life into this institution of artful hospitality. “We are not innkeepers, but we are keen to work with an interested party who can see the tremendous potential The Creamery still has to offer, either as a 12 room inn, a less demanding bed and breakfast, just a restaurant, or maybe a combination of the these ideas. We are open to any and all suggestions,” Cline says. “The Creamery is like a friendly giant,” muses David, “asleep, but beginning to stir once again.”

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