UWEC Professor Records Work of Croatian Legend

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by Kristin Frosch

Accomplished pianist and assistant professor of music at UW-Eau Claire, Nicholas Phillips, recently released a CD celebrating the music of Croatian composer, Boris Papandopulo. Boris Papandopulo: Piano Music, produced by Albany Records, features piano music written by the Croatian composer and performed by Phillips. Phillips is the only American musician to explore and record his works. Known as a thoughtful and innovative artist, Phillips’ interpretation of classical works has been met with positive reviews. As to be expected, his mastering of Papandopulo does not disappoint. Phillips hopes the CD helps to expose more Americans to a very dynamic and prolific composer. Phillips’ previously released, Portals and Passages, a highly regarded classical CD with friend and composer Ethan Wickman, also an assistant professor of music at the university. Both are available at The Local Store.

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