Local Man Re-Appears on TV with Beer on Head

Alex Olson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Go, Doug, go!


Local man Doug Stelzer was recently featured on the Stupid Human Tricks segment on The Late Show with David Letterman. Even as exciting as that is, it wasn’t his first time on the show. Doug was a guest nearly 20 years earlier when he performed the same entertaining act: pouring beer from his head. I’m sure it’s hard to imagine what this consists of so I’ll let Doug explain ... “I can take two cans of beer and pour them into two glasses without using my hands, neck, elbows, or any of that good stuff that hangs down below.” Basically Doug gets the cans to adhere to his head via suction and perspiration, and pours them into separate glasses by slowly bending over. After submitting a video of his act he was flown up to New York and treated to a free meal on Letterman and the friendly owner of Hurley’s. Doug also related how Tom Selleck gave him the thumbs up backstage before his act and mentioned that “he must have had a lot of practice at the bars.” When asked where he learned his trick, he explained that he had burnt the top of his head in the sun while boating and rubbed it with a cold beer to cool it down. The can stuck and the rest was history. Doug has won multiple local contests with his refreshing trick and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In his own words, prior to cracking open the two beers on his head, “David Letterman, this bud’s for you!”

Not sure what Doug is plugging here, but watch a video:

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