Brand New Improv Group

local boy/Second City comic Jacob Shuda cranks it up

Naomi Vogel, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Whoop! Comedy!
Whoop! Comedy!

Jacob Shuda is once again spreading laughter across the Chippewa Valley, this time with an organization of his creation: The Eau Claire Improv Company. The intent of ECIC is to bring professional regional improvisers to Eau Claire. Future guests may be improv actors and comedians from Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and more. Local improvisers, musicians, and actors will collaborate with these professional comedians. The shows will feature long-form improvisation and musical improv with the occasional sketch. According to Shuda, long-form improv does not consist of games, but is a full-length show with scenes, characters, and story lines that are entirely improvised. “They develop and weave together organically, often in hilarious ways.” Shuda started the company with a hope that the theatrical community in Eau Claire will expand. “I want people here to witness that power in theater. I think Eau Claire has a size and sensibility that could really support a small progressive theater scene.” Shuda hopes others will be inspired to bring more theater to the Eau Claire community that they may not otherwise believe would succeed. His suggestions were independent modern dance, solo performances, and interactive theater. ECIC’s first performance will feature Jacob Shuda and JP Fry of Illocal Comedy, local musician David Power, Kellen Terrett of Chicago, and Drew Mellon, Tara Mellon, and Mychal Moore of Chicago’s group, Mellons and Moore.

Eau Claire Improv Company • June 10 • Grand Little Theatre, 102 W Grand Ave., Eau Claire • 8pm • $5 • 832-PLAY 

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