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From Jyl Kelley’s Home Theater exhibition.

With such a complex and unusual artistic style, one wonders how Kelley first became interested in such things as a child. While we live in such a media-driven world, photographs are a powerful symbol in our society. As a girl, Jyl would travel around with her mother, who was a small town photographer, and would frequently be in the pictures her mother took. It wasn’t until she would see herself in the local newspaper, next to pictures of important and famous world events and people such as Martin Luther King, Jr. that she began to sense the importance of photographs in our culture.

In addition to her impressive repertoire of work, Jyl has also collaborated with many groups locally and internationally. She has made a video of the UWEC Civil Rights trip and donated her time and talents to working with students of the Blugold Beginnings program. Kelley was also instrumental in a collaboration between UWEC art students and students from Latvia in which they exchanged a “mash” of popular music and then interpreted the other cultures music with photography. A simultaneous art show was then held between the two groups of students via a live webcast. And this fall look for a show that Jyl will be involved in called “Domesticity,” in which artists transform homes in the community to be walked through as artistic installations.

Home Theater • through April 29 • Mabel Tainter, 205 Main St., Menomonie • FREE • 235-0001