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Some sweet ukulele jams.

“We want to do more public performances, just to get more people interested in the instrument,” Vishnevsky said. “We’d like to be a more visible part of the Eau Claire arts scene."

After the social meeting, they get down to business in the back room by passing out music and running through songs. The ukulele, a four-stringed mini guitar, is an incredibly easy instrument to pick up, Vishnevsky said, even for those who have little to no musical experience.

“Sometimes when people come to watch, they don’t realize that it’s our first time running through a song, even though we have so many beginners,” Vishnevsky said.

Visknevsky said that the group is extremely welcoming of new members. “We’re always willing to help beginners get started and learn the instrument.”

The group practices a potpourri of different genres. Ranging from old standards like Minnie the Moocher and Five Foot Two, to 60s tunes by the likes of Bob Dylan, as well as bluegrass tunes and numbers from musicals. Vishnevsky said their most requested song is Cherry Cherry by Neil Diamond.

“We hope to get a few more current rock songs in as well. Def Leppard keeps coming up in discussion, and I’m determined to get some Pink in the mix,” Visknevsky said. “If you can imagine people sitting around a camp-fire, just having a good time, that’s what our practices look like.”

Ukulele Club of Eau Claire on the web: http://www.ukewis.com