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More from Tarr.
More from Tarr.

“I’d been in a funk in the studio, and one day was thinking about color theory because I was teaching it in class,” Tarr explained. “I thought, ‘What if I take these different ideas and colors and use glitter?’ I experimented with it and it led to the big Joseph Albert piece.”

What Tarr thinks is most unique about her work is the meticulous fashion is which she applies the glitter. “I like a lot of clean, perfect lines,” Tarr said. “What I get the most feedback on is how impressed people are by how clean and perfect the lines are.”

“I do like the repetitive nature of the work, and I don’t mind painstakingly slow processes. Actually, I really enjoy that kind of work.”

This isn’t the first time Tarr’s work has gotten recognition. In 2009 some of Tarr’s oil paintings were accepted into New American Paintings, a juried exhibition. Besides glitter and oil painting, Tarr has also worked with acrylic paint and latex sculptures.

Tarr was first notified via e-mail that she’d be a potential finalist. This lead to a phone interview, and a call from the producers saying she was one of the five finalists. Tarr then made a 12-by-12 inch striped painting live with Stewart during the March 30 show. The show ran at 9am and 1pm on the Hallmark channel.

Four other contestants will demo their work during the week, competing towards the grand prize, the keys to a new 2011 BMW X3, which was customized by Stewart herself, which will be announced on April 1.

“I’ve been telling people, being able to glitter with Martha is definitely my own personal grand prize, and the car would just be an extra bonus if I did win,” Tarr said. View Tarr’s work at KariTarr.com.