Take Part in a Whirlwind of Stage Creativity

by Andy Plank, photos by Frank H. Robinson

2010's 24 Hour Project
2010's 24 Hour Project

Artists draw inspiration from a plethora of experiences and directions. Ideas big and small are filtered through a creative process that can take weeks, months, even years to complete. There’s no rushing that process. It’s a slow brew that gets better over time and with a lot of care. Or not, if you’re in the 24 Hour Project. If that’s the case, you’re thrown into a pool of a hundred or so other artists, given a theme to use, and told you’ll be performing whatever you came up with in front of 200 people the very next day. Sound like an intense exercise in creativity? It is. If you’re willing to give it your best though, the project provides a unique opportunity and accepting environment in which you can test your ability and ambition to create. Actors, writers, dancers, producers, directors, musicians, and artists can sign up for roles at www.uwecplayers.com by the March 5 deadline.

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