Tales From the Rental

local landlords share their odd and horrific tenant stories

V1 Staff

Lord of the hoard.
Lord of the hoard.
  • I once rented to an elderly nun who was living outside of the convent. She moved into this duplex where another single elderly person lived, so I figured it was perfect. No parties. No damage. Just two people living quietly. Well soon the nun started complaining about noise coming from the other renter. One night I went over to the place four times between 11pm and 3am. The thing was, I couldn’t hear anything. And she could not be convinced that there wasn’t noise. She said it sounded like they were vacuuming 24-7. It got so bad that she started calling the police on the other renter, and doing things like putting her vacuum next to the wall and letting it run. It turned out that she had a form of dementia that was creating these sounds. It was both frustrating and sad, because she was such a nice lady.
  • I had one where they were growing marijuana. There were three-foot plants all over the house.

 They rerouted the heating ducts to make an emergency exit for underagers. 

  • There was one that used to have parties in the basement, and they rerouted the heating ducts to make an emergency exit for underagers so they could escape if cops came.
  • We were installing linoleum in the kitchen at one place, and when you do that you have to take out the baseboards, let the linoleum settle, and then put the baseboards back in. Well by the time we came back to put in the baseboards, we found out they used them for a bonfire. 
  • There was one place where they put up a partition wall so they could rent it out to more people. And the parents helped them do it!
  • When they were moving out we went to the basement and when we opened the furnace it was filled with empty beer bottles and plastic cups filled with urine.
  • Tenants had a pet Ferret they let run free. It completely destroyed the apartment; ate holes in the floor, walls, cabinets, chewed the electrical, nested in the fridge ... We had to completely redo the apartment and the tenant complained about not getting their deposit back.

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