The Worst Gifts Volume One Contributors Have Ever Received

consider our painful memories of gifts-gone-wrong

V1 Staff

SO versitile.
So versatile.

I had an aunt who used to give my sister and I her used lingerie for Christmas. “For dress-up!” she’d say, but it was hardly the sort of clothing young girls should be wearing! I’ve never understood to this day why she thought that would make a nice holiday gift. She has now moved on to giving us fuzzy socks – a far cry from negligees and sexy slips! – Emma O’Brien

A full-on basketball backboard/hoop for garage-mounting. I wanted video games. I hated sports. My parents just wanted their chubby kid to exercise more, god bless ‘em. It all equaled total disappointment. – Mike Paulus

The worst was a stainless steel flashlight from my grandmother three years ago. Nothing says “I love you” like steel and a battery. – Eric Larson

My wisdom teeth pulled for the holidays. Ever try eating all those sweets when you can’t open your mouth properly for two weeks? – Kelsey Swanson

Every Christmas one of my grandparents would give all us grandkids a three-pack of blank VHS tapes. I still get them to this day, which I cannot fathom. Where would you even find blank tapes these days? – Trevor Kupfer

My grandma got me the seventh Harry Potter book. Four years in a row.
Bailey Berg

A close call between a reindeer pin that lit up and played holiday tunes and the Santa candy jar. – Kristin Frosch

My brother and I both received copies of the William Hung albums Inspiration and Hung for the Holidays. Yeah. – Kinzy Janssen

I got a calculator from the company I was working for a few years ago. – Megan Ault

A bunch of old oyster shells (like that someone had eaten from) with bits of red felt glued into them. What??? – Heather Mawhiney

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