Lutheran School Going Independent

Emily Kuhn

Contrary to local scuttlebutt, the Eau Claire Lutheran School is not closing – at least not if they attain the funding to stay open. In August, the school learned that their primary source of funding, Epiphany Lutheran Church, would be unable to continue paying operating costs and building mortgage. Instead of closing, the school seeks to become independent from the church. Principal Jane Jaenke said the school has begun the process of separating from the church that has operated it for the last 50 years and is currently awaiting its 501 c 3 papers from the state to become an independent Lutheran school. “The school is very much the same as it was 50 years ago, but is very open to the community,” Jaenke said. “We’ve got small class sizes and teachers who will do anything to help these kids learn – that’s not going to change.” Those interested in supporting the school can learn more at

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