Note from the Editor | Nov. 18, 2010

Nick Meyer

A lot has been changing at Volume One over the last several weeks. As we’ve mentioned, we re-arranged our office quite a bit to make room for a retail space called The Local Store. At about the same time, we also launched a whole new website with a slew of new bells and whistles. (If you haven’t stopped by in a while, now might be a good time to take a look!) And as much as everything has been changing and as hard as we’re trying to evolve with the needs of the community – we must ask for a bit of patience on these projects. While our store is already packed with a variety of cool local stuff, we’re still working on many product designs and features to flesh it out even further (and the online version of the store isn’t quite up and running yet). And while our new website is a beautiful and handy piece of work, it too has a ways to go before all our ideas and plans come to fruition. So, in this time of “final touches” so to speak, we’re definitely all ears from you guys on what else you’d like to see or where we might have miss-stepped. In the mean time, we’ll be plugging away and working more hours than we probably should be, but hopefully keeping it fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

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