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Every Buddy's Bar

new Chippewa Falls tavern wants to be your friend

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by Missy Reece photos by Andrea Paulseth

Every Buddy's Bar
Every Buddy's Bar

Wes Partlo, a Chippewa Falls native, has always dreamed big. Partlo always found himself hoping that someday he, and others like him, could have a place that highlighted music he often felt was overlooked. So when a local bar in the downtown area went up for sale, Partlo saw a chance to turn his dreams into reality. Partlo first wanted to give his place a name that would be as inviting to the patrons as it was to the bands that would eventually play there. And the name Every Buddy’s Bar seemed to set the mood. With Every Buddy’s (19 W Central), Partlo is hoping to reach out to the Chippewa Falls community and he wants people to come for more than just the drinks. Every Buddy’s also only serves fresh food made from local vendors and meat markets. But his goals don’t stop there. Partlo believes that the nightlife in Chippewa is missing a music venue that local and national acts can eventually play in. “(We want to bring) rock music back downtown,” Partlo said. Anything from reggae to metal will be played at Every Buddy’s bar as long as there are bands that want to play it and people who want to listen. Bands and potential patrons feel free to contact Wes at 861-3838.

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