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Meet Gristled Blues Rockers, The Strips

Earlier this year, Eau Claire blues rockers The Strips released their debut album Welcome to our Basement on April 22 and have been magnetic in picking up a following along the way. New to the scene they may be, but with Trey Sharpe’s gristly ...

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Stalwarts Whale House Crank Out New EP

Making good on their promise to deliver a consistent flow of tunes over the course of the year, alt-rock trio Whale House are following up their year-beginning dual song project, Stand Out,with a second EP, The Negative Space. Following the trend ...

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Note from the Editor | Sept. 4, 2014

It feels good to be shaken from your routine now and again. And when you have a two-and-a-half year old kid, it’s pretty easy (and probably necessary) to fall into a routine. We all have the things we usually do around town, the places we ...

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Sept. 4, 2014

A LENGTHY DINNER. Roughly 120 people (only about half of them are shown here) gathered for dinner on the Grand Avenue Footbridge over the Chippewa River on Wednesday, Aug. 27. It was the first ever Grand Evening on the Bridge, a fundraiser ...

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famed tavern gets city historic designation

Tapping into the Past

lots of taverns have history, but the Amber Inn’s goes all the way back to 1881