Cannibal Days

UWEC Players stage their first post-summer show

Lisa de Felice

As Americans, we all have at least one thing in common: we want to succeed in whatever we do. Being successful in our journey through life depends on the decisions we make, whether big or small. In the UWEC Players’ newest play, Cannibal Days, or A Mid-Western, Mid-Twenties Journey Into the Heart of Fame, six people in their mid-20s are faced with life-changing decisions that will, over the course of two weeks, either make or break them in the entertainment industry. Their lives take unexpected turns and, as fate would have it, their paths intersect along the road to success. Cannibal Days is another original stage production that is completely student-written (Ben Klema), acted, produced, and directed. Klema came up with the idea for the play after hearing stories from the Players about their experiences searching for success after they graduated college, said Players president Siri Brobst, who plays Elaine. “Cannibal Days definitely follows the journey that you hit after you graduate from college and you’re entering the real world,” Brobst said. While many college grads in Eau Claire are still struggling to find their way, they can take a break from their struggles and get lost in the hard times of others in Cannibal Days.

    Cannibal Days • Aug. 26-29, Sept.1-4 • Riverside Theatre, Haas Fine Arts, UWEC campus • 7:30pm • $5 adults, $2.50 students

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