Phippen Flutes Up His 26th Recording Project

Kinzy Janssen

Peter Phippen

Peter Phippen, Eau Claire’s best known flutist (who has some major international influence as well), recently combined forces with three locals – retired UW-Eau Claire professors Ivar Lunde, Jr. and Tiit Raid, plus Menomonie conga drummer Jason Introwitz – to produce a meditative album entitled Summerland. Recorded this June in Lunde’s Skyline Studio in Eau Claire, the musicians mostly played separately and spontaneously. Songs have already gotten some playtime on paranormal radio shows around the state. In Phippen’s 26th recording project since he started fiddling with flutes in 1987, aerophones are at the forefront, leading eerie yet warm melodies. The compilation project is available on Amazon.

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