Big Daddy’s Barbeque

Wissota meat market sets up shack for carnivores

Ryne Thornsen, photos by Frank H. Robinson

    Lake Wissota boaters have a new place to stop for a snack after a long day of water activities. The Wissota Meat Market, just off Highway 29 on 50th Ave, has built a little barbeque shack next to its store, offering up brats and other deli meats all packed in buns with as many condiments as you like. Personally, I recommend the brats. I’ve never had so much sauerkraut on one sandwich and, unlike my German grandmother’s cooking, it didn’t make me cringe.

Big Daddy’s Dogs’ menu items are locally raised and put together at the meat market next door before being grilled right in front of you on a charcoal grill. Besides the brats, they offer Italian beef, pulled pork, cheesesteaks, and everything else delicious we Midwesterners love to stuff ourselves with.

The barbeque magic happens inside a yellow building (it’s unmistakable; an excellent marketing strategy), which offers limited seating so take-out is likely the best option – call ahead for massive orders as they only have one grill. Basically, it’s a simple, Wisconsin roots-driven idea that is done deliciously and is affordable besides. It’s a great alternative to fast food and, importantly, it’s all local. Big Daddy, wherever you are, thank you.

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