Lake Pepin Hosts Energy Documentary & Filmmaker

Emma O'Brien

    The Lake Pepin Art and Design Center is soon offering a special showing of the Gregory Kallenberg film Haynesville: A Nation’s Hunt For an Energy Future. The film, which will be screened on Aug. 21, will serve as a teaser for the upcoming Flyway Film Festival in Pepin later this fall. The documentary takes place in rural Louisiana shortly after the Haynesville Shale – the nation’s largest natural gas field – is discovered. Three characters share their stories throughout the film. A preacher, a single mother, and a country boy with a heart of gold experience the benefits and consequences that the discovery has on their lives and community. Concurrently, the documentary examines our future energy prospects through scientific research and interviews with specialists from all sides of the energy spectrum. As a special treat, the Pepin Art and Design Center will be hosting the film’s director/producer Kallenberg to give a presentation on his film and do a Q&A session with the general public. Haynesville has received critical acclaim, and is regarded as one of the premier films of its kind. For more info, visit

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