Married to the Project

Eight Foot Squid now shooting romantic comedy

Bailey Berg, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Local filmmaker Eight Foot Squid Productions shooting for their “Wedding” film at a local location with local actors and a local crew. That shrub? Local shrub.

“Quiet on the set. Rolling. Wedding, scene two B, take one. Action.”

With a sharp whap of the clapboard, a white 1995 Ford F250 tears down the residential Elk Mound street, tires squealing, only to be thrown in reverse and whipped into a driveway, sending up a thick cloud of dust in its wake.

“Cut!” calls director Ryan Peterson. “Perfect. Beautiful. Do it again.”

Wedding is the working title for the second feature-length film by local production company, Eight Foot Squid Productions (their first being Fenris Unchained, and they also were at the helm of the Decadent Cabaret documentary) and is the brainchild of Executive Producer Jason Boehm.

The storyline goes as follows: Dutch and Mary go on a blind date together, and their friends Jordan and DJ play wingmen to enhance the comfort zone. But while Dutch and Mary’s date fails horribly, Jordan and DJ hit it off famously.

Associate Producer Aaron Rigby says, “They meet purely by chance, and it becomes a whirlwind romance that leads into trying to steal a wedding.”

“They have this drunken scheme that they want to get married,” Peterson adds. “But they don’t have their own wedding; they try to infiltrate somebody else’s wedding by jumping onstage just as they’re saying ‘I do,’ and be the people that get married. From there, it’s the consequences that follow.”

Between takes, Peterson runs lines with the actors, making suggestions when needed, and discussing how the scene should look. “My job is to work with the actors, to try and get them into character,” Peterson explains. “I also monitor the shot, make sure the technical stuff looks good, like camera movement, actor movement … make sure there’s not a boom mic hanging into it. I call how often we do a shot, to make sure we get good delivery, good visuals, and everything.”

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