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    The day I observed their filming, many of the scenes followed Dutch, a character with a Jack Black-meets-Zach Galifianakis-from-The Hangover quality about him. Actor Joe Schultz explains that his inspiration for the character’s voice and mannerisms came from the cartoon The Adventure Brothers, specifically the character Sergeant Hatred. “He has this weird way of talking, like he puts accents on weird parts of the words, and has this real gruff voice.”

Shooting for the Wisconsin-based romantic comedy started in early August, and hopes to be done with principle photography by the last weekend of August.

Eight Foot Squid Productions is funded vastly by private donations. Rigby said, “Basically, what they do is donate film money to Eight Foot Squid, and end up buying a common share. They are then the first people to get paid out when the film makes profit.”

The movie also has a batch of advertising investors, such as the Bridal Shoppe on London Road, which provided them with dresses and tuxedos, as well as The Red Parrot, a shooting location that is helping provide extras.

Because of the small budget, the crew has to do some things differently. The dolly, lighting, and many other tools needed for filming are improvised creations; they often use supplies from hardware stores. The crew is also forced to film exclusively on weekends, as many of the cast and crew have other jobs.

Upon completion this fall, the filmmakers will employ a few different tactics for distribution. Rigby said, “We’re trying to run deals with various local theaters, see if we can get in, even if it’s only for a day. Otherwise its mainly film festivals.”