Confluence of Art

juried show at The State has art from around Wisconsin

Kelsey Swanson

by Julia Rice

This juried art show’s name aptly includes the word “confluence,” implying a flowing together or meeting … as in two separate streams coming into one … as in the Eau Claire and Chippewa rivers … as in a clever local play on words. Featuring artists from across the Upper Midwest, including some local folks (Anders Shafer, Ned Gannon, Joe Maurer, and Jean Accola among them), the works chosen by Danica Oudeans, assistant professor of art at UW-Barron County, come to a unique meeting point in this exhibition and are meant to bring a wider range of contemporary art to the Chippewa Valley. “Different situations and different places produce different art. We are looking to bring in new ideas for people that they may not usually get to view,” gallery coordinator David Brock said. Delivered in the forms of sculpture, painting, and photography, each of these artists explores a different concept, redefining what may be your grasp on the contemporary arts. Through a wide range of approaches that will delightfully dizzy your mind as you try to process one unique idea from another, this exhibit offers a promising stimulus for your firing synapses.

    Confluence of Art Biennial • Aug. 17-Oct. 8 • Eau Claire Regional Arts Center Gallery, 316 Eau Claire St. • FREE • 832-ARTS •

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