Multimedia Project Fuses Art, Music - Needs Bands

Trevor Kupfer

It’s nearly impossible to succinctly describe Mike Jacobs’ multimedia fusion of music and art; suffice it to say if you are a musician and you’re intrigued, contact him. The UW-Eau Claire student is planning a visual-musical exhibition to be displayed in spring and called “Of Sight and Sound.” The project has incredible support from university grants and departments, but needs more involvement from local musicians and bands. A multimedia production minor with experience in photography, video, and music recording, Mike is attempting to create an integration of visuals (art, photography, video) and aural components (live music). It’s an experiment in interpreting music, and creating a different, richer audio-visual experience when the exhibition is open for public consumption in February. Knowing it will take several hours of a band’s time, Mike is sweetening the deal for bands by providing images, video, and recordings to those that volunteer. He currently has four UWEC music students and Downers Grove on board, but he’s prepared to take in as many bands as he thinks possible.

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