Trio of Local Bands Head Out on (Separate) Tours

Andy Plank


Chippewa Vallians have come to expect a higher standard of music as fans and bands of the past few years have continuously met those standards with creative new ideas. Inevitably, our finest homegrown bands come to the point where they’re not only enjoyed by friends, but also by people they’ve never heard of. Maybe even ones they wouldn’t want to befriend. Thus, our bands pack their bags and leave for a while. Meridene is taking off to play 10 shows over 12 days in four Midwestern states. They’re armed with a new set of their best songs yet after recording Something Like Blood, scheduled for a Sept. 28 release. is streaming the first hot single, Gone Baby, Gone. Beardy Eau Claire native-turned Twin Cities resident, Peter Miller, is taking his charming choirboy voice and indie-folk solo project, We Are the Willows, on a two-week tour that includes a stop at Harmony Corner Café on Aug. 21. Even the newest addition to our list of music makers is getting in on the action, as Cadence trots its radio-rock riffage all over a bunch of states on the East Coast. It’s going to be a sweaty, busy summer for our musicians, and we, as fans and enablers, should be proud.

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